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Kiku Collins: Images

Working for a Living

Queen Latifan and the Ninja Princess
Jill Scott
Train on Rachael Ray
Hanging with Gloria Gaynor... and her Grammy! A lovely woman, a powerful artist, and a kind soul. I'm very lucky to perform with her!
Performing with Billy Joel at the White House
Performing at Relay for Life in MD - I couldn't find the Ninja sign, so this had to do!
Official Grammy Afterparty - Officially Amazing with Gloria Gaynor and gals!
Performing at the White House with Billy Joel and James Taylor. President Obama listens closely.
Nikki, B, Tia and Kiku
Performing in Austria - look who was in the audience! Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray from DALLAS!
Nick Lowe on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Big Maybelle: with Eric Brown as Sully, Kiku Collins as Loretta, and Lillias White as Big Maybelle
Erykah Badu
Carly Simon rehearsal
Rehearsal with Jill Scott
Suite 16
Elle Varner
Charles Ressler, Rashawn Ross, Joey Pero and Trent Austin!
Tia, Katty and Kiku on the Tyra Banks show
Photo by Leo Sorel
Performing with Jill Sobule in NYC! (Elizabeth and Layla - East Coast Sugarhorns Represent!)
Someone asked where my *flashdance photo* went, so here it is!
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