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Kiku Collins: Links

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Love my Getzen 3001MV trumpet, Custom Flugelhorn, Eterna Tenor 998 Valve Trombone and 3850 Custom Series Getzen Cornet! Thank you to Brett and the entire Getzen family! "Breaking up the Boys Club", November 2007
Warburton Mouthpieces
Check out the "Kiku" model mouthpiece!
Facet Mutes
Straight Mute: Brazilian Cherry, Cup Mute: Maple, Brusio: Spanish Cedar
No, it's not musical equipment. But, these are so important for my career, health, and style. Lymphedema, caused by node removal and radiation, left me feeling self conscious about boring compression wear. Now? People ask me how they can get a cool sleeve, thinking it's just a style thing. Thank you, LympheDIVAS!!!
Fantastic lip balm for musicians! 100% natural!
Ultra Pure Oil
The best valve oil and slide grease in the Universe!!! Thanks, Ken!
Applied Microphone Technology
I'm loving my AMT P800! Off the bell so I can swap out mutes, an extra clamp on my flugel makes switching simple, and the sound is out of this world! Specifically made for trumpet/flugelhorn. Highly recommended for all brass players - superb mic for live performance that is even worthy of studio recording!
Loud Mouthpieces
I only play that valve trombone with a 64LM!
Shhh Mute
No doubt about it, Shhh Mutes are the finest practice mutes around. I use the trumpet, flugelhorn and trombone mutes.
Soulo Mute
Truly an innovative mute. I've used it on tour with Michael Bolton and on my new record, Red Light. Highly recommended, totally free blowing and keeps your pitch where you put it!