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Kiku Collins: Links

Sales/reviews of my music, and help along the way!

International Trumpet Guild
Yes! I'm not only a member, but I'm also thrilled to be featured in the October 2008 issue! Thank you to the ITG and Del Lyren! What a fantastic publication, I can't believe I didn't join sooner!
All About Jazz
Special Studies for Trumpet
I haven't been excited about a "trumpet workbook" for a VERY long time. This is one to buy and use and accelerate your face! John is a wonderful musician and human being, and I'm glad to have been introduced to him and his fabulous new book!
Peter Silver, DDS... The Jazz Dentist
Fabulous denistry for anyone, but especially for trumpet players!!! Tell him I sent you!
Innova Records
They love me. They really, really love me! :)
Affluent Mag
Thank you to Danielle Phillips for the lovely "High Class Brass" interview!
BBC brass feature
Thank you, BBC, for the lovely piece from Durham Brass Festival!
Le Jazz Affair
Thank you, Sal Calfa, for spinning my tunes!
My home away from home, but in my home! Love my Vocal Booth!
Black Owl Music (interview)
Interview for Black Owl Music - thanks, guys!!!
Thank you to George Politopoulos for the lovely review and for spinning the record!
89.1 in Michigan, a part of NPR, is now spinning my record on the Jazz shows! Thank you so much, especially to Peter at the station who discovered me, and Linda Yohn, WEMU Music Director!!!
Jazz Colours Magazine
June 2007 sports a full 3 page article on the "Princess of Smooth Jazz"! Thank you to Antonio Terzo for the most enjoyable interview during my trip to Palermo!
Salsa and Latin Jazz music web-radio! Mr. Barista is a big hit over there!!!
Josh Landress Brass!
This guy is really a God of sorts. He will fix your beat up horn, build you a new one, find obscure stuff for ya, definitley my best connection and hornsaver! Go spend lots of money on his services and horns, and tell him I sent you!
The Jazz Suite
Hot House Jazz
Smooth Jazz
Nice little plug for the record!
The Brass Group
I had such a wonderful time in Palermo/Agrigento, and I hope to be back soon! Thank you, Brass Group!!!
Issue 1003 is graciously ranking the album "Here With Me" at #7 for Jazz soon after my arrival! Thank you, CMJ!
Currently spinning some Kiku Collins favorites!
Harris Radio
Check out Harris Radio for some Kiku Collins tracks as well as some other fabulous indie music! (No relation to my producer Julian Harris)
The Fevered Brain of Radio Mike
Radio Mike just wants to make the world safe for good music around the world to thrive and multiply. Plus he thinks the Ninja Princess is pretty cool!