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Kiku Collins: Links

Health and non profits that rock!

Kiku serves on the Board of Directors for #Cancerland, and is actively involved in as many aspects of the non-profit as she can be. Please support #Cancerland's mission. #Cancerland is a media platform focused on changing the conversation about breast cancer through the honest voices of real women who are living with this disease every day. Through discussions of topics ranging from intimacy during and after treatment to the harsh financial realities of cancer, #Cancerland provides a platform to address breast cancer’s often ignored realities. ​#Cancerland rejects the notion that this disease defines the women who battle it. We are not victims marching to our pink ribbon deaths. We choose to live our lives fully and completely, while accepting the highs and lows of a disease that afflicts 1-in-8 women every year, and kills 108 individuals in America each day. #Cancerland advocates for research into therapies that will extend the lives of terminal cancer patients and that will cure Stage IV disease. Through our community, we aim to preserve the legacy of #Cancerland founder, Champagne Joy, and her mission to redefine the face of this illness. All donations will support #Cancerland, its mission, as well as trusted breast cancer research partners. ​ #Cancerland is a certified 501(c)3 non-profit. ​Tax ID available upon request.
The Tutu Project
Kiku serves as an advisor to The Tutu Project. She became aware of the organization when first diagnosed in 2012, as she was looking for positive inspiration. The Tutu Project awarded #Cancerland in 2016 with a generous grant to further the #Cancerland mission, and the Carey's quickly became great friends, given their similar goals in helping the metastatic breast cancer community, which is often ignored and receives almost no funding (only 2-5% of funds raised for breast cancer research is focused on research for the already metastasized patient). As a Board Member for #Cancerland, it was a natural match to also advise for another positive organization for breast cancer patients like herself.
As a Lymphediva Ambassador, Kiku is grateful to not only spread the word about fashionable medical compression wear that is necessary, but also, the condition Lymphedema itself. These are non-optional for her career, health, and of course, sense of style. Lymphedema, caused by node removal and radiation, left her feeling self conscious about boring compression wear. LympheDIVAs is dedicated to creating medically correct and fashionable compression apparel for the savvy and stylish breast cancer survivor (or patient), with lymphedema which will inspire her to feel beautiful, strong, and confident. The medical requirements are obvious, but the emotional aspect of healing is important and often ignored. A positive mindset can often lead to a much better physical response.
Music For Autism
Autism friendly interactive concerts - a thrill to perform for such a beautiful audience. Please support this wonderful cause! Kiku and her husband and trombonist David Gibson ( have been awarded the 2017 Spotlight Artist Award for this incredible organization. Yes, they both cried when they were told.
I Will Survive
Having played in Gloria Gaynor's band since 2012, at the time of her cancer diagnosis, Kiku and Gloria have become good friends, with positive mindsets and caring for others in common, as well as both being Virgos! Gloria's charity site sells wonderfully crafted, inspirational tee shirts that support many different causes that the buyer can choose from (10% of each order is donated) “Empowering others is the cornerstone of have faced struggles and summoned the strength to rise above. I’ve learned when you are knocked down, you get back up and dust yourself off, but most importantly, to embrace the life you’re living." Submit your survivor story.
AnaOno - lingerie for breast cancer patients at any stage
Introducing... the Kiku Bra! Seriously! Wonderfully soft and comfortable against surgical scars and other cancer related pains. Also doesn't bind, so lymphedema will not be affected if you have it - or the bra will not help to bring on this condition, if you don't have it yet!
METAvivor is dedicated to the specific fight of women and men living with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. At the time of METAvivor’s founding, no organization was dedicated to funding research for the disease and no patient groups were speaking out about the dearth of stage 4 cancer research. While more and more people have taken up the cry for more stage 4 research, METAvivor remains the sole US organization dedicated to awarding annual stage 4 breast cancer research. In the sea of pink breast cancer awareness campaigns, METAvivor is the “Elephant in the Pink Room”. We work to raise awareness about metastatic, Stage IV breast cancer, and to fund research to extend the lives of people living with MBC. One hundred percent of all donations made to METAvivor go directly to fund grant awards for metastatic breast cancer research (unless the donor designates otherwise). Make a donation today in the name of someone you love, or consider planned giving and legacy gifts that will support our cause and save the lives of future METAvivors.
Connie Cares
Connie Cares is a non-profit organization helping patients control their lymphedema by providing lymphedema compression pumps at NO COST to patients. What a wonderful cause! Please, donate today, or pass along this information to a friend with lymphedema. You can let them know I sent you... #Cancerland
AmeriFace, formerly known as Cleft Advocate

The best network of support for craniofacial anomolies. Kiku happily endorses AmeriFace, and appreciates your support!  :)

Cure Diva
CureDiva, living stylishly through breast cancer! Who says you can't be fabulous through surgeries and treatment???
Breast Cancer info

Every young girl and woman should be aware.

Our Time
What a wonderful organization - helping kids who stutter since 2001! What a thrill to perform for this organization!
Stupid Cancer
Empowering young adults with cancer. These guys have the most amazing gear too - go shop and donate and help folks out!